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I very much agree on America having no particular "food culture." I think it's why people find it so dang hard to eat sometimes. In other places, you just eat. In America, it's like, "Should I do Keto? Paleo? Atkins? Whole 30? Should I do intermittent fasting?" Etc. The lack of a food culture means that corporations have stepped in to tell people how and what and when to eat, which has been a disaster. Especially when you grow up in the thick of diet culture, it's a total mind-f*ck to figure out a way of eating that's sustainable and enjoyable. (At least, it was for me.) I also really liked her thoughts on the perceived "elitism" of local, seasonal food and farmer's markets--it's so true. But that's the way people used to eat, so it's crazy how it's been flipped.

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