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I love this Mikala. I am a 67 (almost 68) year old woman with a healthy but larger body size. Also, I had hip replacement surgery a few months ago, so my right leg is still not strong. I go to pilates and zumba regularly--and while the cardio is relatively easy, the strengthening exercises are way too hard. Yes I can "go at my own pace" but I would love a class that is more geared to my level. It's not risk of injury so much as shame / embarrassment when I modify everything. Ack.

On the good side, I am building core strength.

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I have been looking in my area for 101-type classes of “how to work out as a pregnant woman” and don’t see them offered often. I’ve found “fit-mom” groups which seem grassroots, but I’d love to see more “you’re pregnant, now what?” beginner classes designed by trainers.

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